Sunday, March 23, 2008

Faith, Family, Friends

I have a plaque that says "Faith, Family, Friends" on it in my bedroom and I believe those three things are the most important things in life. Without any of the three, your life will never be whole. Today, we joined with other family members and celebrated Easter at my husband's sister and brother-in-law's house. As I sit back and reflect on the days happenings , I have a sense of satisfaction in knowing that even though life moves on, and our kids will grow up and leave home and have their own families, that there will always be special occasions that draw us all back together again. And as with today, there will be good food, lively conversation where we catch up on what's happening in one anothers lives and it's also a time of being thankful that we have been given this day to enjoy being with one another.

First, we got to welcome a new baby into the family! Nothing fills you with such wonder as picking up a new baby and touching the softness of their little skin. I believe each little child is a special gift from God and He has entrusted us with it's care. How sweet and precious that little fella was and it seemed such a short time ago that his mother was a baby too. How fast time moves on! And nothing can compare to watching a proud, new grandpa hold his first grandson.

And, we got to meet a new fiance-a new future member of the family. And cousins got to get together with other cousins , some they barely knew. But that doesn't matter, because the important part was they were with cousins.

And of course, we had to have an Easter Egg Hunt.

Janet, the one I think we need to designate as the family historian brought her scrapbook albums and we looked through old pictures of ancestors and marveled at how each generation really does resemble their ancestors. And how fascinating it is to see pictures of your moms and dads and grandparents when they were young and hear the stories of how they met and what life was like when they were young. Thanks Janet for all the hard work you put into the scrapbooks. Someday, there will be a generation following that will thank you for what you have done!!

And what fun it was to watch the wonder on my own grand-kids face as we all trekked outside and saw the sights that you miss out on when you don't live on a farm. Who can describe the awe on a child's face when they see that eggs can be gathered from the chicken coop instead of from the grocery store! Or touch the soft down of a baby duck and watch baby chicks as they huddle together under the light to keep them warm. And what a delight it is to watch a small child try to sneak up on the chickens , all the while thinking they will eventually get fast enough to catch one. I'm a firm believer that all children should get to visit a farm somewhere so they can get personal and up close with the animals.

I like to laugh and tease my family but in reality I am thankful to have been grafted in to become a part of this little group. My heart is moved when my mother-in-law tells me her heart still "thumps" when she sees her husband and you see the love is still there after many, many years of being married. And I feel very honored when she kisses me good-by and tells me what a good daughter-in-law I am .

Faith, Family, Friends.

Make sure all three make up a part of your life and you will be blessed because of it!

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