Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tea Party Tradition

My son Kevin and his wife Jennifer have three daughters and two sons. I wanted to start a special tradition with the girls that they would remember all their lives. How I loved my grandmother and even now remember the special times we spent together. There were six girls in my own family while growing up and we had a beloved Blue Willow Tea set. I can still remember mom getting the little tea set down from the cabinet and carefully taking each little piece out of the box that held it. So Jennifer and I put our heads together and came up with the idea of an annual Tea Party. Each girl would invite another little girl that she considered a very special friend. And all the young ladies would come dressed in their very finest party dresses. The table was set with my ninety year old great Aunt Myrtle's china and special hor'dourves and punch would be served. Our goal was to make this tea party a memorable event to always be remembered. Each year, Jennifer would pick out a special gift for each little lady to be able to take home with her and she would also plan a time of sharing something from the past. This last year, she brought a necklace that had been given to her by someone special in her life. The year before we invited a very special guest who shared memories of living during the "great depression" . Her name was "Mrs. Laura" and we were also delighted because she brought with her some of the hand work she had done during her lifetime which included embroidery and crocheted items. It is so important that we take time to share with one another our own heritage while we are able to do so. How I loved my own grandmother telling me stories of when she was young! I am a great fan of antiques and old jewelry and I like to include a trip up to my loft area where I can show the young ladies all the things I have collected and share with them why they are so special to me. We tried on old jewelry that belonged to my own family members and felt the fabric and netting on my collection of antique hats. Over the years I have also collected miniature tea sets and they are displayed in china cabinets. Someday each of my grand-daughters will be given one of those tea sets for their own. I believe it is so important to preserve the things of the past that bring back special memories to us and then take time to share those memories with those we love. If you have little girls in your family, think about starting your own family tradition such as the tea party Jennifer and I do every year. The young ladies will remember it always!

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