Friday, March 28, 2008

The Tiny, Little Spot

Taken from my journal Feb. 06:

I stopped in at my daughter's house on my way home from work tonight. My plans were to work in the greenhouse while it was still warm outside. When I got to her house and my young grandson heard I was going to be outside, he begged me to let him go too. I was in a hurry, but I told him if he would bring me his shoes and if he hurried, I would take him with me.

He crawled up on my lap and just as I was about to put on his shoes, he noticed a teeny, tiny ketchup spot on his sock. He kicked and squirmed and had a little fit because he did not want his shoe on with that little spot on his sock. Being in a hurry, I had to forcefully put his shoe on and make him get up and walk.

I am reminded that many times we are like this little child. We have some little, thing that we are focusing and obsessing over , and it is affecting our walk too. It might be a hurt, an offense or whatever. Instead of focusing on that , God wants us to get up, put our shoes on and walk with Him!

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