Friday, April 4, 2008

The Seedlings Are Up!

I waded down to the greenhouse yesterday to water my flats of seeds and little green shoots are up from the tomatoes. The cucumbers have been up for a few days and are really too big to keep covered but it is too cold to leave the plastic cover off. This year I am planting as many heirloom seeds and plants as possible. Still way too wet to even do much except tip-toe around the garden, but I am checking everything out.

I have some lilies and peonies and clematis vines planted around the outskirts of the garden, and they are also all up. I am especially happy to see the peonies because they were moved last year and peonies don't like that. They have lived a pretty nomadic life as they were originally found in a friends cow pasture and I rescued them from their cows. Then when we moved from our house in town to the homestead, I took them with me. They didn't do much where I planted them out here, so I moved them down by the greenhouse where I could give them more attention. I have a picture of me in my graduation gown standing by my mom's peonies, which were always so beautiful. Nothing smells more wonderful than peonies!

Usually, I have beautiful lilies and maybe it is too early for them to be coming up, because I am not having much luck with them. I need to make a trip to a friends farm and get a load of cow manure. I scattered cow manure one year in a flower bed before I planted lilies and they grew as high as my head. They were fabulous! This new fertilizer we buy in the store just doesn't compare to the real stuff.

A few years ago Tool Belt Man and I traveled to western Kansas so he could go prairie dog hunting and while there I was given some four o'clock seeds. At that time I put them away someplace where they would be safe and I found them this week. Being seeds they should still be o.k. to plant. I have fond memories of trailing after my grandmother when I was very little , with my little pill bottle in my hand and picking 4 o'clock seeds off the plants. It's funny the things you store in your mind as special.

Do you remember the old fashioned Tiger Lilies? Mine are just popping out of the ground. I planted them and day lilies because my mother always loved them. My dad and mom have the most beautiful daylilies and before my mom got sick , they would travel around and bring back new varieties of daylilies wherever they would find them. Some they rescued just before the bulldozer got to them. My favorite daylily is called "Gentle Shepherd" and has a cream colored flower. Then I love the Stella De Oro's .

I could go on and on about my favorite flowers but I will add pictures as I go along. How I love Spring and the wonders of watching new green shoots popping up everywhere. God certainly knew what He was doing when He had Spring following the dull, drab days of Winter!

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