Thursday, April 24, 2008

Call Down Those Squirrels

My grandsons love getting down "poppy's" binoculars and looking out the glass door to see what they can see. A couple of days ago they were out in the yard chasing a squirrel. The oldest grand-child was doing his version of a "squirrel call" that someone had taught him and lo and behold , the squirrel was coming down the tree. Maybe it was just curious to see what the kids were doing, but coming down the tree it was. The littlest one just stood there and giggled and giggled. When I went out there to check it out, the squirrel spooked and ran away. It is also the same squirrel that I found atop my bird feeder up next to the house. So we had Tool Belt Jim get us some corn so we could feed the squirrels that and maybe they will leave our sunflower seeds alone. When it started getting towards evening and the kids had to come inside , Koda cried and cried.

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