Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Locked In The Greenhouse

After Tool Belt Jim put up my first greenhouse, which consisted of a tubular frame covered with greenhouse grade plastic, I spent my first evening excitedly working around inside. My husband left to go to the house and my absent-minded son helped me finish watering the new seedlings. I heard him puttering around outside and then to my dismay, he reached up and locked the door and took off for the house. Thinking he was being funny, I said not a word. But , imagine my surprise when he didn't come back to check on me. I waited and waited, yelled as loud as I could and finally picked up a hammer and began pounding on the wooden door with it. All to no avail. By now the sun had gone down and the air was definitely crisp. Luckily there was a full moon and I had a long-sleeved shirt with me.

I sat on the bench and considered the state of things as I seen it. Obviously, I was not in the thoughts of my family, which at this point in time consisted of my son and husband. They apparently never missed me through supper and I knew my husband would soon be going to bed, apparently never giving me and my whereabouts a thought. My only hope of rescue seemed to be of Tool Belt Jim going outside to get wood to put in the stove before he went to bed. So I began my vigil of waiting.

Now I realize the greenhouse is made of clear plastic, but it had taken me a long time to get a greenhouse and I had no intention of picking up a knife and ripping that plastic the first night I had it up. No way. And somebody in my family better durn well begin to wonder about me. I could hear my son-in-law who lived next door to us come home from work, but I knew he could not hear me from across the field. I could see the light on in my son's bedroom , but he was probably drummin and couldn't hear me either. It's a little humiliating to realize your family could go to bed and never give you and your whereabouts a thought.

Eventually, I seen the motion light come on as Tool Belt Jim did come out for wood. And he did hear me hollering and came down and unlocked the door. Never again will I put a lock on the outside of a building! My family thought the whole escapade rather funny, but I was furious. Tool Belt Jim did send me flowers the next day with this on the card, "I'm sorry we didn't miss you last night, but how could you really be locked in to something that's made of plastic?"

He missed the point!

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