Saturday, February 27, 2010

The little munchkin ate the wrestling tickets!

Steve and Rachel and Kaden and Koda and myself went to watch two of my granddaughters play basketball this afternoon. Mark was still at school. On our way home we stopped and picked up some pizza at our favorite pizza place and also picked up some wrestling tickets --which seems to be one of Steve's favorite sports. Even though I keep telling him it is so fake. But anyway, he wanted to take his boys to watch wrestling cause it was coming to town near us. He got tickets front row and center for $15.00 each.

After we got home and had eaten our pizza we started playing a card game and the kids were playing in their room and I noticed Kaden wasn't under our feet or under the table anymore. I looked up and noticed he was chewing on something. I went over and fished it out of his mouth and said "Oh my gosh, he's eating the wrestling tickets!" And sure enough he had little wet balls of wrestling tickets on the floor and a good sized wad of another in his mouth!

You should have seen the look on Steve's face when he realized it was his wrestling tickets the little munchkin was devouring. It was priceless! So we spread out what we could salvage of the tickets and placed them on the table to dry. I am sure if he goes back to where he bought them from and tell them his baby chewed them up that they will replace them. How could you not believe that story especially with the evidence or what's left of it , in hand.

Gave me my laugh for the day though! Guess it just goes to show you that one person's treasure is just anothers teething toy! I'm still laughing just thinking about it!

At this stage he'll eat anything. Notice how he's looking at Koda's pop. Better not lay it down within his reach is all I can say, huh Steve?

Can you believe someone this precious would eat his daddy's coveted wrestling tickets? He looks entirely innocent of the crime he is being accused of except we dug it out from between his clenched teeth! What can I say? Buy that boy something to chew on! Yeah, Nana knows it's not his fault cause he's too precious to do anything wrong!

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Anonymous said...

I know its scripted it is entertainment.