Monday, February 15, 2010

The best tasting vegetable soup ever!

I've got the day off and it's starting to snow so there's no better time than now to make a great tasting pot of vegetable soup! Some day I think I will make up my own cookbook with all my favorite recipes in it. And in this day of digital photos I can add pictures!
First, get out the biggest crock pot you have and look in your frig and drag anything out that would go in a soup. This is a great time to use up any leftovers you might have. I had cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, green peppers, red peppers, onions both green and red. And of course every good soup starts with a bottle of Spicy V-8 juice!
Fry up some hamburger and let it drain. Another great meat to use is sausage if you like your soup with a little more kick.

Put all these chopped ingredients into your crock pot and turn it on low. Unless you don't have enough time to slow cook it and then you can turn it up on a higher setting. It just needs to heat to combine all the flavors cause all the meat is already cooked.

In today's soup I added some smoked sausage links cause I had them and they add an additional flavor. You can leave them out if you like.

And remember all that ketchup I made during the summer. I really didn't care for the flavor for ketchup but it makes a great soup starter base. So I added a pint of that. Here you can add tomatoes instead. And homemade tomatoes are always the best. But, O.K if you must, you can add ones you bought at the grocery store!

Now it's time to add the drained hamburger. I always salt my hamburger when it is cooking.

And I almost forgot. Add celery if you have it. Unfortunately, I was out of carrots but don't forget them too.
And always have a scrap bowl handy to put the parts in that the chickens love! Always taking care of my "little flock". They will appreciate it especially this time of year when snow is covering the ground and they don't see much green anywhere.

Now isn't that looking very colorful?

Now's the time to add whatever you don't have fresh to put in. I'm adding canned corn and canned green beans. Some people also like the flavor of frozen best so whichever you prefer will be great. Drain them first cause you don't need any excess salt.

Taste first and then add whatever spices you like. I added salt and sometimes I add SeasonAll or Garlic Salt. Put the lid back on and let simmer. Serve with a salad and homemade bread and you have a meal that can't be beat!

And don't forget to take your bowl of scraps to your little feathered friends.

And now you are free to sit back where you can watch the falling snow and read a good book! Life is short so enjoy the little things as much as possible.

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GrammyGoo said...

I can smell it right through the computer Nana....Thanks for sharing!
Blessings, GG