Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nana teaches the little boys how to dream about gardening

The boys took a break from spending time with Poppy to take a " special treat" as Koda calls it. That is when they get to have some pop with Nana. They like orange pop as you can see by their faces.

And what better thing to do while taking a break than to check out the latest gardening magazines. I am glad to see the younger generation getting excited about buying seeds and planting gardens. Gotta train them up to love gardening or they'll not get excited about it is my thinking. They have picked out the vegetables and fruits and trees and even flowers that they think we should plant this year.
And then they dug out the poultry magazines and we talked about raising some baby chicks this year cause we have a banty that wants to set on some eggs. So maybe we can buy some turkey and peacock eggs to try to hatch. That would be fun don't you think?

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