Saturday, May 16, 2009

Children's Miracle Network Carnival Today

Today was our local Wal-Mart's carnival to benefit Children's Miracle Network. They had placed a poster up with pictures of Kaden Shiloh Stinson. Hope they made lots of money because it is a good cause. They are the ones that paid for our bill at the Ronald McDonald House after Baby Kaden was born. We are very appreciative for what they do and want to do our part to give back to that worthy organization.
And by the way Kaden went for his checkup with his pediatrician and he now weighs 10 lbs 4 oz. and is 23 inches long. And he's smiling for us too!!!

Here's Nana holding the big boy. He's our "miracle baby" and our family benefited from the Children's Miracle Network. We encourage you to support your own local CMN carnival when it comes to your town!

Kaden's dad even took his turn at the dunking stand! Unfortunately for him this was the coldest day we have had for some time and the wind was blowing adding to the cold.
Here's Koda lined up to take his turn "dunkin" his dad. He did it too!
This is dad after the dunking stand lookin professional again! He's a good man! I prayed him in to our household cause I prayed for Rachel to have a good husband all the time she was growing up. And God honored those prayers!
Learning how to use the fishing poles.
This is Judy. She's the special lady that brought the boys a present a day to be unwrapped while we were in KC at the hospital. The boys just love her!
Now Koda has the hang of it.
Mark's the fisherman too!
Koda's getting his ticket. Don't you just love the clown behind him? Yellow sock, Purple Sock.

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