Thursday, May 7, 2009

Building a Pen today

I decided the ducks either needed a bigger pen or needed taken to the sale barn. Tried to give them away first to my brother in law but they already had six and thought that was enough.

My little grandson Koda told me we didn't have enough animals on "the farm" so I started building a pen for them this afternoon. Drove some steel posts in the ground and hauled some cattle panels down and fastened them to the posts.

Then Tool Belt Jim brought home some of the small holed chicken wire and looks like we shrink wrapped it around the little pen. And we put the same wire over the top.

Then we put the kids sled inside and filled it with water. The ducks loved it except it is kinda slippery to get out of so may have to find something else for them to swim in.

The problem is we have minks or some other little critter that got in the chicken house once and killed all 8 of our chickens.

Tool Belt Jim is betting my ducks don't make it through the night. We'll just have to see. I'm not buying ducks anymore no matter how cute they look in the store.

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Washer Mom Val said...

Oooh - poor duckies. But aren't they SOOO cute when they are little. I love ducks and chickens!