Thursday, May 14, 2009

Red Cross Helping Those In Need...

It has been an exciting week but boy am I glad to be back home!

I have been working out of the Joplin Red Cross office this past week mainly doing casework. Especially glad to have gotten some experience in that area. I'm trying to get trained in all aspects of Red Cross work in case we have a disaster of any kind in my local area.

Sharon is working JJ's desk while JJ is working out of Springfield this week. And she's doing a great job!

Donald isn't too sure about working around all us women. He's pretty much outnumbered!

The constant question this week has been "who has the car keys?". And of course just before Donald and I had to leave for Springfield to take the rental car back no one could find the keys once again. So we all had to line up and lay everything in our pockets out on the table to find the guilty culprit. And it was Iris!

We all had some good laughs this week to offset the sadness we encountered everywhere we went. Thankfully, where we worked was only loss of possessions and no loss of life. For that we are thankful!

This large tree had fallen across this mobile home and Iris and I went out to do client services. Here Iris is trying to figure out how to leave a note as the owner was not around.

We are a determined bunch at the Red Cross and we weren't about to leave without first leaving a phone number that we could be reached at in case the owner returns. But don't worry safety is top priority with the Red Cross so we never went anywhere that would put us as workers in danger.

Notice the piece of lumber lodged in the top of the tree? This was a common sight as buildings and debris blew everywhere during the wind.

This worker way up in the tree stopped and posed so I could take his picture while he was trying to cut this tree off the mobile home. It seems to me that very large trees don't have as large of root systems as I had always thought they would have. It didn't help that this worker was cutting even as it rained.

After we returned back to our motel room one night I opened my window to look out and see what the skies looked like because we were once again under storm watches and warnings and just outside my window was this HUGE sign. Iris and I were trying to figure what the chances were that if it blew down would it land right over the top of our beds?

And unfortunately, we had put all our clothes in the laundry and they were wet. So we had to dry some of our "unmentionables" in the best way available so if we got called out we would have dry clothes. Sorry if this picture is offensive to you. Just being practical....

We had a very busy week but a very worthwhile week. Any time you can help others makes it worthwhile. The Red Cross does not help with repairing structure damage as our job is to go in and make sure you have food, clothing, linens and an immediate place to stay right after a disaster. But we could give referrals and phone numbers to others that could help with the needs we couldn't help with. And we hoped we gave encouragement as well as a hug or pat on the back to everyone we came in contact with.

And so tonight as I was driving home I couldn't help but be reminded of how much I love my family and how thankful I am for them. Things don't really matter as long as your loved ones are safe and well.

I had forgotten I worked through Mother's Day and three of my little grandsons could hardly wait to welcome me home and show what they had gotten me. Anyway, two of them couldn't. Ha. Ha.

And when I got to my house my son Kevin and his family had brought me a Mother's Day present also. A Clematis Vine which is my favorite flowering vine. And in a color I don't have to boot! How exciting! Tomorrow I must work outside!!!
Yes, it's good to be able to go out and help with the Red Cross when my help is needed , but it's really good to be back home again too!

And I am thankful to have been allowed to work with such a great group of volunteers as we have in the local Joplin office! More new friends!!

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