Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Kaden is getting his first ambulance ride...make that second...well anyway...

Rachel woke me up early this morning and Kaden's little heart was about to beat out of his chest and his breathing was rapid. He had been to see the Dr. yesterday but he was pitching such a fit that the Dr. could not hear his lungs etc. And he seemed to be doing fine yesterday , then in the evening more he started coughing. Then this morning.

She took him to the Emergency Room where they felt he needed admitted to a hospital. Since he had his open heart surgery in KC at Children's Mercy, Rachel wanted him admitted there. In the meantime they are taking blood and had him hooked up to oxygen. And Nana was singing the Barney song to him to make it all better.
They strapped his car seat on the gurney and off they went. Looks like he slept the biggest part of the trip. Notice he has his little brown teddy bear that Children's Mercy gave him when he was born.

So he was loaded up into the ambulance and his mom rode with him in it and his dad followed behind.
Hopefully he will be back home in a few days. I talked to his mom on the phone and you could hear him coughing in the background. Sounded terrible.

Keep him in your prayers please. And his momma who has had problems with her gall bladder but is pregnant so cannot have surgery.
The fact he is drinking from his bottle means he is getting some liquid. Hate it when they tape things to his face cause you know that will hurt when they take it off. Bless his heart. Hope once again God wipes away his little tears and erases all this from his memory!!


Anonymous said...

Awww... bless his little heart.
Praying for Kaden and his Momma and his Nana.

Dee said...

Praying for kaden and mom and for grandma to.