Sunday, March 28, 2010

Come with me to the peacock farm...

Tool Belt Jim and I went to my friend Jack's peacock farm to see what was new there. It was too cool to spend much time outside today so was a good day for a visit.

Don't you love this. God is such a Creator. Only He could create this kind of beauty!

Jack had a friend who is now deceased that made him some of these peacock whirligigs. Wish I had one.

And look what is new. Little kittens playing around the wood pile.

And I think he called this a Sebright Rooster. I must have one of these too.

But the turkeys were my favorite. We passed one of these up this weekend at the swap meet for $25.00. I'm kicking myself now but Tool Belt Jim is going to another big small animal swap meet this weekend so maybe he will find one there. They were so beautiful doing their strutting thing.

This one is called Bourbon Red Turkey. Lordy, he was gorgeous. Jack said when he gobbles you can hear the wild turkeys answering. Cool!

Here is another turkey he had. The third one was white with some black speckling on it.

Here they all three are.

Another view of the black one. Why would anyone want to eat something this beautiful? I may never eat another turkey!

I can hardly wait to buy me a incubator and get some eggs to hatch of all the different chickens and turkeys and even peacocks I am finding. Why not try to hatch them from eggs is what I am thinking?

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