Friday, March 19, 2010

The story of the Hicksie Chick and the Banty Rooster...

Remember my sister brought those cute little speckled chickens for me to keep while she was wintering in Mexico? She loved them and they were her little pets and would eat out of her hand and what sweet little things they were.....
Well I've been hearing rumors that the little speckled rooster isn't quite as sweet as first believed. Tool Belt Jim said he tried to flog Mark when they were down gathering the eggs. Gonna have to rethink what is considered sweet, I'm thinkin!

So when I drove the four wheeler down to the chicken house they all ran up to greet me. How cute I thought.
As I bent down to see if they would eat out of my hand cause my sister says she taught them to do that--the speckled rooster ran and jumped at me. Thought he was going to flog me I guess. I reached out and backhanded him and sent him flying. He jumped up and ran at me again. I knocked him the other direction. The war was on! Every time I got too close, he was running at me. Time to teach this cock a doodle doo a lesson in who's boss. I rolled up my sleeves and said "Bring it on big guy, may the best man win!" I'm a Hicksie Chick by birth and this bird has nothing on me. He ran at me about 10 times and I sent him flying ten times. Finally, he took off running in the other direction. Problem solved! I wiped my hands, called myself the winner and headed for the house doing my own version of the winning chicken strut.

When Tool Belt Jim came home I was still working in the garden which is by the chicken house. I was telling him about my chicken war and he reminded me this was the chicken that tried to flog Mark. I walked over to the chickens again, bent down to be on their level and here that little "slow learner" came at me again. Every time he jumped at me, I backhanded him and knocked him about 6 feet. He would jump up and run at me again. Took another 7 or 8 times before he took off this time. Suppose he has to learn everything the hard way and suppose I'll have to go down there tomorrow and knock him around a few more times to jog his memory a bit. Tool Belt Jim tells me that is just what roosters do, but I plan on training him differently!

Notice he's giving me the evil eye here.

There is only one boss on this homestead and it is not a tiny, speckled banty rooster!!!
Last time I checked on his whereabouts he was sitting on the roost in the chicken house with the "girls." And this was during broad daylight. Nothing like having a little healthy respect!

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Dee said...

LOL. Don't back down.