Friday, January 8, 2010

Letting my senses of humor shine brightly!

This is my sweet daughter who sometimes wonders about my sense of humor. I always told her she would thank me some day for making her do the dishes every night before she went to bed but she never bought it. Probably still doesn't today even though she is married now with three little boys. But I digress...notice how excited she is to be sitting beside me on the swing having her picture taken?
Well anyway, I loved doing funny things when she was least expecting it when she was younger. Once, when it was some special night at the little Christian school she attended--maybe Senior night I wanted to really make her proud of me. So I slipped into the bathroom while they were playing volleyball and changed into my best clothes for her!

Can you tell she was appreciative?

Hey, I had to look long and hard to find this outfit!
And then another time I had this friend named Schotzi who happened to have a birthday. So myself and several other friends dressed up and went to her place of employment which happened to be our local medical clinic and sat in the waiting room outside the lab where she worked and moaned and groaned and told everyone we needed "Nurse Schotzi" to come help us. Doctors and nurses walked by and looked at us very strangely.
Now let's see, one was dressed with a basketball stuffed under her shirt and pretended she was in labor, one had wrapped her arm in a sling with what looked like blood on the wrapping, I can't remember what the rest of the girls did but I dressed up like a little girl with measles and carried a candy thermometer with me. And we fixed a bed pan up with flowers to give to her. It was really hilarious and I am sure Schotzi was pleasantly surprised to see us all there anxious to take her out to lunch. We really wanted to take her out to lunch in a hearse but couldn't find anyone that would let us use theirs.
And now, back to my daughter. Didn't want to waste the moment or the outfit, so I went to the same little Christian school to pick up my son and daughter after taking Schotzi out to lunch dressed in all my finery.
She appeared mortified but I am sure she secretly loved it! Let's see, the bib, the pacifier, the baby rattles, the pooh bears tied to my shoes and of course giant red spots all over me. Yep, that sure was a fun day!
And I smile everytime I think about that too!
P.S. didn't seem to bother my son but he is the one that also followed her around in our local Wal-Mart pretending to be Ruprecht one day dragging one leg around like a cripple and talking in a strange voice. He watched the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels can you tell.
Chip off the old block isn't he?
Come on, enjoy life and laugh a little while you are doing it!

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