Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello sister, what is wrong with your chicken?

Tool Belt Jim came in and said one of our chickens is acting sick. All hunkered down in the coop. Unfortunately, it is one that I was keeping for my sister who is living in Mexico at the moment. So I shot off an email asking her what could possibly be wrong with the chicken . I had also dug out the issues of my Backyard Poultry magazine cause I remember reading somewhere that eggs can get stuck and not be able to be passed through or sometimes they have problems with their craws etc. etc. etc. But since my sister is a connoisseur of chicken diseases, I thought maybe she would know.

Here's her response to my excited email of "Janet, one of your chickens is sick and I don't know what is wrong. Any ideas?"

Immediately came back her reply, " Is it the older black chicken and not the young black and white chicken? If it is it's called death. She is old and that is what they do just about 24 hours before they die. Any other questions?"

My reply was " Yes, it is the older chicken. YOU THINK SHE IS JUST DYING??? I thought maybe she had a egg stuck or something wrong with her craw or some exotic disease or ......"

My sister..." Joyce, Joyce....what am I going to do with you....Do not overthink the equation....she is old.....she is hunkering down. She is dying. We will all face this process if we live long enough. This time tomorrow when you walk out there, she will be two feet in the air. Pick her up and feed the coyotes on your way to town....aka ...throw her into a ditch as you drive off...just don't do like Edna did (her elderly neighbor) and have the door open, drive through the ditch and fall out of the truck...."

Good golly!!! A dying chicken!!!! I have never heard of a chicken EVER, EVER dying of old age. All our chickens got ate before they died of OLD AGE!!!!

Anyway, I'll spare you photos. And maybe, Tool Belt Jim will give her a decent burial, you think??? Once, she has gone to that chicken heaven in the sky where all good birds surely go.....

I'll keep you posted....

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