Sunday, December 27, 2009

Treasure the old...

Love this old Bible sitting beside a picture of my mother when she was little. Bibles were precious and treasured things in days of old. Some Bibles were the only records people had to show who was born and when they died. They are like census records we have today. Times were hard as you can tell from old pictures and unlike now where Bibles are not valued, in those days , they were part of a family's heritage and were treasured.
My Great Aunt Myrtle's musical box. Not sure if it was a jewelry box or held hat pins or what but just love this small metal treasure. And my husbands Sr. picture sits next to it as well as my Sr. picture. Things of old.

My mother saved this tin for some reason. Maybe it meant something special to her because of its design. Or who knows. But I love it because she treasured it enough to save it. So I save it too. Maybe some day my daughter will also save it. Treasures handed down.

I embroidered this wall hanging when I was first married almost 30 years ago. My first and only piece if I remember right. Every time I see it , I smile. I do love homemade stitched things.. There is something special about knowing a loved one spent many hours making something by hand to decorate their home and pass down to others who will treasure it in their own homes. Hopefully...

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