Sunday, December 6, 2009

Annual Tea Party

It's time to once again dig out my favorite gold silverware... I don't know why I only use it a couple times a year. It is so pretty.

And set the table for the annual grand-daughter's tea party. They each invite one of their best friends and dress up cause this day is special...

For snacks this year I tried out some new recipes. A couple anyway. First, is baked pecans and dried cranberries which I thought looked beautiful for this season. And the colors still match my pink theme.
Then I made "Poor Man's Turtles" which consist of placing a small twisted pretzel on a baking sheet and then placing one Rolo candy bar on top of that and baking on a 200 degree oven for about 5 minutes. Take them out and top each one with a pecan and push gently down. Think the kids will love them.
My daughter showed me how to take olives and make little penguins out of them but to save time I just put two pieces of olives on top of a square of cheddar cheese and stuck a toothpick through it all. Little penguins were cute but we'll save them for another day. Maybe for the little boys party.
And I am going to wrap hot dogs and cheese in Crescent Rolls and make pigs in blankets.

We have a bowl of grapes in an antique bowl..
a dish of miniature pickles..

and of course I'll make raspberry punch in my beautiful antique punch bowl.

My daughter in law Jennifer is in charge of the program and she always does a great job.

Our hopes are that these little girls will remember our tea parties all their lives. And it gives us as adults and mothers and grandmothers a chance to speak blessings over each of them.

The table is set, and now it is time to get ready to head off to church....

Soon the party will begin....

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