Sunday, December 27, 2009

Favorite Childhood toys

I have a special place in my heart for child's Blue Willow Tea sets. I so remember mom getting down the box of individualized compartments that held little cups and plates and the precious little tea pot with matching creamer and sugar container. And then after we finished playing, the little set would be carefully packed back away and stored in the kitchen cabinet. I think it was so valuable to me cause playing with it was such a special moment. Not just for the everyday...

And how I loved my paper dolls. I found this one at a flea market and marveled because I don't remember mine ever having real hair. Usually the ones I played with I drew myself. And designed and colored their own clothes. By the hours I would draw and color and cut. Brings a smile to my face to just think about it even now 50 years later.

And I had a beautiful bride doll just like this one. And I would go to my grandma's house where she had a old treadle sewing machine and I would pump away making clothes for this doll also.
And she came with high heel shoes. There was something special about just slowly running your fingers over these delicate shoes. They were not just any shoes. But every little girl remembers dressing up in grandma's hose with the line down the back and then trying on her high heel shoes and posing in front of the mirror. High heel shoes were things of wonder to little girls!!!
Such happy memories I had of listening to my grandparents tell stories of when they were young and playing with my lovely bride doll and sitting on the front porch watching the cars go by. Entertainment was simple in those days. But happy we were with the simple things.

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