Sunday, January 18, 2009

Recovering from the shower...

We had a delightful baby shower today for little Kaden Shiloh Wallace Stinson who will be born on March 13th. He received many wonderful gifts.

We had decorated the table the night before and Mark especially liked putting out the confetti.

His two older brothers helped me host the shower and they were a delight to watch. They showed no jealousy at all over baby brother getting all those presents.

Here's Rachel showing off how big she is and she still has several weeks to go.

Before the shower I set my punch bowl up on the counter and had put the sherbet in to thaw. For some reason the bowl broke shattering glass and punch everywhere. So I grabbed a towel and started mopping the punch that was now running pink down my cabinet doors. So much for mopping the floor late last night. And not another punch bowl was to be found in the house.

So now I'm making punch in a plastic bowl. Notice my expression. I've now went into "I've got to pull this together some way" mode.

Thankfully, my sweet friend Mary had given me a red pedestal bowl for Christmas one year and we made it work.
Here's my grand-daughter Abbey getting some punch out of the red bowl.

Rachel reminded me of her wedding where there was some kind of problem with the cake and the fountain and my friends Jane and Mary wouldn't let me into the reception area so I wouldn't know what was going on. The balloons that we had aired up the night before were all lying on the floor also. Some things are better off not knowing. Anyway, I digress.

My sister and I moved the couch so we would have more room for chairs and even though it had coasters under it, there are now scratch marks on our hardwood floor. So some day we will need to re varnish them. Oh well. Life goes on.
This is my sister Shirley cutting the cake. Cool, calm and always in control of the situation. Couldn't throw a party without her help. And thanks goes to Angie for mopping my floor after we moved the couch. You'd think I would have mopped under the couch!

Sisters! God love them!

How I enjoy getting together with old friends. Many of the girls were Rachel's friends from childhood and it was great watching them talk and enjoy being together with one another.
Remember my motto "faith, family, friends?" Still believe those three things are the most important things in life.

Here we are catching up on each others lives .

This is Rachel's friend Jamie who also is going to have a little girl in May. They are thinking maybe their kids will grow up and get married someday to each other. They have been friends since they were little girls living across the street from each other. Jamie's keeping track of who to send thank you notes to.

Don't you love this belly to belly picture. I did the same picture with one of my best friends when I was pregnant with Rachel many years ago!

And here we are together. Mother and Daughter!

Speaking of friends. These three girls have been inseparable since they were born. Don't you love this picture?

Took the opportunity to snap a all girls family picture. I'm pretty proud of this picture. How sweet is this? My daughter in law Jennifer and her three daughters, Emmy, Katrina and Abbey. What beautiful young ladies!

And here's our friend Linda with her daughter Sarah.

It was a wonderful and very special day. I can hardly wait until March 13 to hold this newest little child in my arms. My 13th grandchild to be born on the 13th. Cool!


lookuptoday said...

Hi Joyce, Nice shower, mishaps and all (:0) I love going to baby showers. I look forward to seeing pictures of #13. How exciting for you. I was looking at your pictures of the saw mill and your looks like you are enjoying life. Your home is pretty neat also. Dee

Washer Mom Val said...

Love your Lodge home - baby showers are a wonderful thing! Actaully - I've given many and never received any! Oh well. Love the baby duckling on the side too....bummer on the punch bowl. We finalize our adoption on Sophia tomorrow - we are excited and will have a party later in Feb.