Thursday, January 22, 2009

New shelving!

Tool Belt Jim went to Sam's Club and bought me some heavy duty steel shelving for my canned stuff. I love it! Now I can keep track of what I have and what I still need to can. I recommend everyone have some of these handy-dandy shelves! I can see how many tomatoes I have, and there's my pear honey, and my canned ham, and my brisket, and my chicken and my hamburger I canned and the list goes on.

And I have room for my bread machine up on top as well as my toilet paper and paper towels. Great space savers. And they only cost $60.00 each. I got two for the space I needed to fill.

I think everyone should have a pantry area they can put their "stuff" in so you will know what you have. I keep a list on the back of the door of items I need to buy. What I found was I was buying things I already had because I just didn't know where it was. So when I put everything in one place, I found I had been duplicating myself.

I realize not everyone has this much space but clean out a closet and build shelves in it instead of hanging a clothes rack. Works great too!

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