Monday, January 12, 2009

Just Call Me Jo The Plumber...

My daughter called me tonight in a frantic needing me to bring a mop to her house. Apparently her dishwasher decided to baptise the rest of the kitchen. And so off I went to do my Jo the Plumber routine.
We first turned off the electricity to the stove and dishwasher and then moved out the stove and mopped up all the water and then pulled out the dishwasher (by the way do you know some of those things are screwed in?)
A plastic tubing had came loose and I am assuming it needed more than just being stuck back in the hole. Like maybe a clamp. So we scooted the dishwasher back into the slot it lives in and will wait till Tool Belt Jim can fix it for real tomorrow. Of course every good homemaker knows you have to mop the floor since the appliances are out anyway.
Of course my clever daughter grabbed her camera thinking these would be good shots for "the blog!" Now I know why plumbers are skinny or either have helpers that are skinny!

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Kay aka dkswife said...

Oh, I hate it when stuff like that happens. Our floors have been baptized on more than once occassion by the washing machine and dishwasher!