Friday, November 28, 2008

Snake Fishin'

Tool Belt Man and soon to be policeman son Tim went out Thursday afternoon to check out an old well we have on the 80 acre homestead. They were thinkin maybe we could get it up and running, since it is a drilled well, without too much expense involved.

They took something to measure with so they could get an idea of how deep it was also.

My daughter-in-law Jennifer went along to capture it on camera for the blog. When Tool Belt Man climbed into the block structure surrounding the well, they met a fellow resident they weren't expecting! Wonder who was most surprised?

So my brave, soon to be policeman son, went and got a fishing pole to reel the offender out. Whatever happened to picking him up with a stick ?

You'll be glad to know they let him loose to find another day. That's for all you snake lovers out there!
Now all we have to do is take the sample of water to our local health department to be tested to see if it is drinkable. And eventually maybe we can get off the rural water network and be more self-sufficient! As long as I have plenty of drinkable water and enough hot water to keep my long soaks in the tub going, I'll be happy.

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