Thursday, November 20, 2008

17 degrees is much too cold.....

Well, it had to happen sometime. Cold weather, that is. My daughter called and said it is suppose to get down to 17 degrees tonight! No. No. No. I hate cold weather.

Here's my house in the Big Woods, where all the leaves fall and cause me to spend lots of time raking and mowing. As you can see I didn't get most of them raked before it got too cold. I do make it a point to rake the
leaves close to the house and mow them good before we start up our fireplace and wood stove.

So I donned my coat and went outside to cover the flower pots that I had not already moved inside. I have already covered them once with trash bags, but I didn't get them tied, so with the wind blowing like crazy last night, they blew off. The lesson here is to do what needs to be done while it is warm outside. Or you can do it in the cold with the wind freezing your butt off!!!

Tool Belt Man had already hauled some wood up and stacked it on the patio and when I got home tonight, the fire was already going and the house was toasty warm.
We bought this little wood stove at a garage sale several years ago and it may be small, but it heats our whole basement. Which, by the way, is where we live.

My son's dog Odie, doesn't like this weather either!

I caught Tool Belt Man as he was unloading the second load of manure for my garden. What makes your garden grow? Manure and more manure!!! Once it is spread on the garden and gets plowed under, it will be just right for
next years growing season. But stink.....whooeeee! Not
sure how farmers live around that!!
Surviving Hard Times Lesson: Prepare your garden in the fall by adding whatever nutrients are needed. And add manure to your fall garden so it can decompose down over the winter. Your garden and flowers will love it. I planted lily bulbs one time in a raised bed that had lots of decomposed manure in it, and the next year I had lilies higher than my head!!!

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