Friday, November 21, 2008

Haulin Gravel

Every winter you need a 4 wheel drive to get in and out of our drive, so Tool Belt Man borrowed a dump truck from some of our friends and headed to our local quarry. I realize not everyone has a friend with a dump truck, but it sure saves money to not have to pay the hauling fee! I had never been to a quarry before so I went along to take some pictures so some of you other "city" people can see how this is done.

First, you have to climb up in that thing, which is no easy feat. And I learned the hard way, you don't want to reach up and grab that tall shiny thing by the door. It is hot!!!

At the quarry they load the gravel with this thing, which might be called a loader. Ha. Ha.

By the way, Tool Belt Jim, was drooling all over the place over this piece of equipment. Don't ask me what it is, I too have never been to one of these places before.

After you are loaded, you drive across this little bridge which is called a scales and you are weighed so the people in the little building can figure your bill.

Then you go back home and drive up and down your drive dumping gravel as you go.

The grandkids thought it was great fun to drive with "poppy" in the big truck.

Bring on the rain and snow!!! I shouldn't get stuck getting in and out this year!!

How to survive during hard times? Use each others resources and save money!!

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