Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Tandy and Narcissia Pike story...

These short stories were taken from my Grandmother Ruth Elizabeth (Lizzie) Pike's journal and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have. JLW

My Grandmother and Grandfather. Grandma is the one writing this "History" as she calls it.

Here's the final chapter in her Pike family history.

So Tandy and Narcissa's life was one of a real pioneer life of hard work but they weathered the storms of life, they fought a good fight and their life's race was won and both passed on to a better world. They are both buried at White Hall Cemetery or perhaps we should say Mt. Hebron Cemetery for that is the real name of the old church and cemetery. When the school was still standing and was across the road from the old Mount Hebron Methodist Church and cemetery everyone called it White Hall Cemetery. All the Pike family attended this little church. The old church building has been gone for a long time and the school house was sold and moved away after the country schools were consolidated. So to pass by the old cemetery gives you a lonely feeling of sadness.

The old Pike log house burned in 1912 and a new frame house was built in its place which is still there although vacant for a long while. The old farm is all in pasture now. There were two very large maple trees in the north yard and a large cottonwood tree in the south yard next to the kitchen. These were killed by the fire and had to be cut when the new house was built.

So this ends the story of a fine old pioneer family. I have only written of some of the most interesting things of this family. Tandy passed away on April 8, 1899 and Narcissa died in July of 1905 and both are buried in the old White Hall/Mt. Hebron Cemetery.

This is the story of my Grandparents. Written by a Grand-daughter (Lizzie)


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Well my goodness! I've got some catching up to do!! You've been busy around here.
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How blessed you are to have such a wonderful journal.