Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Labor Day Week-End!

What better way to celebrate Labor Day Week-end than by poking a hot dog on a stick and cooking it over the fire? And that is just what we decided to do this evening. I had been adding small sticks and limbs to the fire pit all summer so we already had a stack of dry wood just waiting for a match.

Doesn't that look good? The blacker the better for me!

Poppy demonstrated the proper way to hold your stick just the right distance from the fire.
And the proper way to eat your hot dog. Forget those paper plates!

What Koda really wanted was just a bun with cheese and catsup on it. So he took his hot dog off.

Poppy and the boys enjoying the fire and the evening.

And what's a wiener roast without Orange Pop?

Somebody is getting some lovin! And enjoying the attention I might add!

And here's Nana holding Kaden who just kept looking up at all the tree branches in wonder.

Momma and the boys.
Was a wonderful evening. Can you believe summer will soon be over? Cooler weather is already here. The walnuts are falling off the trees, the flowers are turning Fall colors and Spider Webs are everywhere!!!

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