Sunday, September 6, 2009

Enclosing in the gazebo...

Tool Belt Jim and I decided the most practical thing we could do for our gazebo was to enclose it in. Every year the screen gets torn off and birds fly in there and then in the Fall the leaves all blow in and of course in the winter the snow does the same.

So Tool Belt Jim dug out the old tool belt and all the necessary tools and set up the saw horses and early this morning he went to our nearest Lowes and bought a couple windows. So let the work begin!!

As soon as the saw started up, Koda does the hands over the ear thing that he always does.
Mark's job was to pick up all the little pieces that got sawn off the big boards. He did that in between picking up Hickory nuts and acorns. Remember making little faces on the acorns and how their little tops look like little hats?
In went the windows. Mark had the camera and was just snapping away. Actually, he took some pretty good pictures.
He took this one of Koda and I watching Tool Belt Jim and his Poppy working away.

By the end of the day we had the back wall up and two of the windows in.

We are going to put an antique wood cooking stove in here and some shelves for my pressure canners and other large pots that I use when I can too. Then it will also be a place for all our BBQ grills, and outdoor cookers and smokers we have. It will be kinda like an outdoor kitchen like they had back in the old days. That saved the main house getting over heated from all the canning. Sounds like a good idea to me.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's pretty amazing. That should be a really nice area for you to use anytime of the year now.

We live in an apartment, so from my side of the porch swing, that looks GREAT!!!

Liz said...

That's really cool! You have such a nice blog. It's like taking a walk in the country to visit your website.


Anonymous said...

And what a great place for the kids to sleep out! :)
It's wonderful and I'm so glad you shared it. I can almost hear the crickets and frogs singing on the other side of the screen.

Dee said...

very creative!!!