Monday, September 28, 2009

and the work continues...

And no, I really did not get to use this thing. I just get to hold it and hand it to Tool Belt Jim as needed.

Tool Belt Jim prepainted the siding before he put it up. I really like this color. Reminds me of old barn color.
Mark took this picture. Wonder what I was looking at?

And here's poppy posing so Mark could take his picture.

Can you tell Mark is whistling while he waits to give Poppy some more nails?

Never too young to learn how to work.

Studying why this window is not level. Hmmm...
Mark loved picking up the acorns. I remember doing that as a kid. Some things are timeless.
Getting closer to having the gazebo enclosed before the cold winter winds start to blow.


Rose said...

Those moments the kids get to spend learning to work and to gather acorns are priceless. Later in life Mark will certainly treasure them. You guys are about to get it together from the looks of it you are almost done. I can't way to see the finished product!

Anonymous said...

I don't see too many parents and grandparents today who instill in children the JOY of work. Work like this can be fun when a bit of acorn hunting is involved.
Ya'll are so busy! Are you for hire? **wink**