Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's 11:00 at night and I'm making Salsa...

I started out this morning early by calling my extension person. I said "I've got 40 cups of chopped tomatoes and I need to know how much vinegar I need to put in the batch. Is there a formula I can use?" I don't think she was impressed! It seems you should make it in smaller batches so don't do this much at a time. I had to guess at how many cups of peppers and onions I had added and that didn't help much either. But she did figure it for me. I thought it tasted a little too vinegary but she probably erred on the safe side.

Anyway.... I had 30 pints of Salsa and now I am up late doing the water bath thing. But everyone seems to like the Salsa. So maybe it will be worth it. I can't eat it because it does bad things to my ulcer when I eat spicy stuff. And I put jalepenos in this batch. Used the same recipe as the one on my previous post, except I am now going to water bath it instead of freezing it.
These will look nice lined up in my pantry. I'm rapidly running out of room in there!

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Anonymous said...

Well my goodness... did you DREAM of tomatoes cuz you were making salsa so late at night? Just thinking about it will give me 'heartburn' dreams. (hee hee)
Sure looks good my friend!