Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here's my little flock...looking good.....

This is Raquel Welch my little Silkie chicken.

Chatting down at the watering hole

"You looking at me?"

I love watching the guineas.

They were mothered by these silkies. I read that guineas normally will roost in the trees unless you raise them with something like these silkies who teach them to go into the chicken house at night. Very interesting.
I was told these are Mallard and Peking ducks. Don't you just love ducks. And to think I almost got rid of them cause they were so messy when they were little.

And this is John Wayne. Unlike the real John Wayne in the movies, here the "ladies" don't like him . Guess they need to watch some old western movies and see who they are messing with.
Hanging close to momma.
I enjoy going down to my own little "farmtown" and watching the goings on and hearing the crowing and the clucking and the quacking.

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GrammyGoo said...

Very lovely flock Nana!
Blessings, GG