Saturday, July 11, 2009

Early morning storm...

Thunder woke me up about 3:30 this morning and I turned on my scanner to hear that trees were down from high winds just a few miles from my house. I waited until about 8:00 thinking I would get called out but it didn't happen so I crawled back into bed about 8:30. Had just gotten to sleep when the call came needing Red Cross workers to make sandwiches and take them to give to the men working with chain saws at the storm site.

My youngest sister and I made the sandwiches on the tailgate of the pickup. Notice we're wearing gloves. Must follow Red Cross guidelines!

These chickens were oblivious to the large tree down and the men working around them. Probably thinking fresh worms that we didn't even have to dig up!

I am always amazed at how small a root system many trees have for their size.

This storm made a small path and thankfully no one was seriously hurt but lots of trees went down.

Then we hopped on the back of the truck and my brother-in-law Red Cross volunteer drove down the road. When we came to others working in the storm damaged area, we handed out sandwiches and drinks. Several of our Red Cross volunteers were working chain saws. It's good to be doing something to help neighbors in need!

Hope your day didn't start out at 3:30 A.M.

Heading off to bed to get some sleep.


Jacquelyn said...

thank the Lord for folks like you who are so willing to do this much needed work!

Anonymous said...

May the Lord grant you rest and refreshing after your time of serving Him by serving others!
And by the way... 'thank you'.