Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Afternoon In The Woods

What a beautiful afternoon we had today. Tool Belt Jim had been doing some "loggin" down behind the pond and got the tractor stuck. So he walked up to the house and needed me to come pull him out with the "good truck" as the boys call it.

It was so beautiful down in the woods that we ended up spending most of the afternoon there.

Playing up around the barn on one of Poppy's logs.
Poppy needed the help of the boys to load the wood he split into the little wagon that he pulled behind the 4-wheeler. Here's us hard at work getting firewood for next year.

Here's the place he got the tractor stuck. The boys thought going down the "big hill" was fun on the 4-wheeler.

Here's me on the tractor with a log. Didn't know I could drive a tractor, did ya? I really can, but this picture is fake. Tractors not running, in case anyone would notice there is no smoke coming out of the thingy. Tool Belt Jim thought someone out there would notice that!!

Then there was some story being told to me about 20 frogs floating dead in an old well on our property so we all loaded back on the 4 wheeler so I could check it out. Must have been an old home place back in the woods close to where this well is located.

Here's a shot of a rare tree according to Tool Belt Jim.

We have been having some eagles flying around the homestead lately so when we seen this bird from a distance, we were in hopes in would be the famed eagle. So I told the boys to lie down and "play dead" so maybe it would come closer. Mark is so gullible but gave it a try. Don't you just love kids!! And fly closer it did, but alas, it was just a red-tailed hawk, according to Poppy.

We checked out what the best way to get our "paddle boat" out of the miry clay that it is lodged in. Pond is getting pretty low because the paddle boat use to be floating on the water and now it is about 3 feet away from the water in mud. So while we were there, Poppy helped the boys feed the fish. Koda threw his fish food in cup and all. Poppy had to "fish" that out with a stick. Then he took some pictures of me and the boys sitting on the dock.

On Sunday afternoon Poppy takes the boys and they have "hot chocolate" up at the barn. So today he had bought "special presents" for the boys. They were excited to find new folding chairs in just their size. Notice Poppy's own special chair? Not everyone has a recliner in their barn!

What a wonderful day to spend outdoors. It's suppose to rain tomorrow, so today was the day to be outdoors!

Here's our guard dog, Odie. He has to go to the vet because he has a thorn in his front paw and I'm not going to pull it out. He likes me and I want to keep it that way!!
Here's our Beverly Hillybillies picture. Hope you enjoyed sharing this day with us down on the 80 acre homestead!

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Dee said...

Oh My- what a fun day! The boys are adorable and it so refreshing to see chidren enjoying the outdoors. I bet they slept good that night! I can't wait till the weather is better so i can get out and enjoy nature and fresh air. today it is sunny and all i can say is -thank God for the sun!!!!It is wonderful you can give your family this life style. Dee