Sunday, February 22, 2009


We had a "sistah's movie night" Saturday night and watched the movie Mamma Mia! What fun it was too. I am sistah # 1 because I am the oldest and Brenda is sistah # 6 because she is the youngest. She is also the baby of the family of 8 kids.

Here's the chair I called dibs on first thing. You could sleep in that thing comfortably!

For you that don't know her, my sistah can't sit still and watch a movie that has singing and dancing in it without getting up and joining in the fun. It's as much fun watching her as it is watching the movie. And she's been doing that singing and dancing thing since she was a tiny little girl.
So these pictures are for those of you that have never seen the real side of sistah # 6. During the day she is Dr. Beard's right hand and at night, she's the "dancin queen!"
And there is no better songs to dance to than the ones from "MAMMA MIA"

And every singer must have a mic. Of course, the remote will work nicely!

And the song says "Is there a man out there? Someone to hear my prayer?" Doesn't she do that nicely?

But what is this? Her son is telling her to stop dancing and singing! Ha! Never! Do we embarrass our children? How can that be? So we told her son the "Hicksie chicks" as we call ourselves would just sign up for the lip sinc at the annual picnic and sing and dance in front of the whole town! And I bet we could find some of those cool clothes from the 70's and wear too. And that would really embarrass them!

Her friend Melissa watched the movie with us but she wouldn't let me take her picture! But never fear she got up and danced with us too!

Notice that the window behind the Dancin Queen does not have any blinds. I bet her neighbors thought we were nuts, but who cares?

Don't you love getting to the age where you don't care how you look to others, you just wanta have fun and enjoy life?
Thanks Brenda for making me laugh! If you have sistah's , don't forget to take some time out to spend hanging out together and making memories! And do some crazy stuff with them too! You're never too old to dance and sing!

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