Monday, February 2, 2009

Road Trip For The Soul

That's the way Powell Gardens describes a visit to their grounds. In August of 2007 I was in need of such a trip and I found myself visiting this beautiful place. I had been preparing to go to a conference in Lee Summit, Mo. and overshot the exit for my motel. Since Powell Gardens was only 17 miles in the direction I was heading, and I knew I was in need of a place to calm the turmoil in my soul, I kept driving instead of turning around. And what I found in this beautiful place was just what I needed that day.

Change is inevitable. I guess some changes we never see coming. But we must believe God is sometimes the author of change and He is always there as we walk through change. He cannot lie and He says "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

Change is all around me. And I must accept that change is part of life. I am in the midst of change in the church I have called home for almost 30 years. I am seeing change in my personal life and I am not happy with either. Some changes may not seem right, but He allows. I know the answer is to quiet my soul and trust Him with the changes. He is still in control!

God had spoken to me one time that His church was going through a time of metamorphosis, just like a caterpillar does before it becomes a butterfly. The caterpillar goes into a dark, constricted place to begin a process that is God ordained. The caterpillar emerges out of that place of confinement totally changed. What once was ugly, now is beautiful. He reminded me that my church is also His Body and He will bring her to a place where the end result will, like these butterflies , be beautiful.

And so sometimes I will wear a silver necklace of a butterfly to remind me change happens and to remember to trust God through it.

The blue Morpho butterflies were emerging out of their cocoons during this trip to Powell Gardens and they were beautiful! I would highly recommend if you are ever in the Lee Summit, Mo. area to go to this place advertised as the "road trip for the soul." You'll not regret it. My daughter and her family as well as my husband met me there for a homeschool field trip and we plan on going again this year. Enjoy my pictures!

My grandson Mark wasn't too sure what to think of butterflies this big landing on your shirt! And they were everywhere!
Only God could create something this gorgeous out of something so ugly!

The Blue Morphos weren't the only butterflies either.

I enjoyed seeing the greenery as well as the beautiful flowers--all of which the butterflies loved!

The flowers and grounds were mirrored in the beauty of the pond. What a peaceful, tranquil place to come and quiet the soul! Just what I was needing.

What a special time I had with my family. What a delightful day we had!

The waterlilies were indescribable! How yellow is that?
Even Poppy enjoyed it, even if it was all about flowers and butterflies! Actually, he just likes being with the kids!
Take time out of your busy schedule and visit this beautiful place. Their web site is and they also have a blog at


Dee said...

I have always wanted to go to a butterfly house and let the butterflys fly around a land on me. ~ happy sigh ~ i will have to put that at the top of my list this year.
I do not like change- but these past few years i don't have anything left in my life that was as it was before. I am adjusting with the help of the Holy Spirit. I mourn some of the loss that came with the changes, and embrace the joys that also came. I finally learned to say- whatever Lord- You know what is best for me. There sre some new changes on the horizon for me and your post is a encouraging reminder- that God alllows them and that he will walk through them with me. Dee

Washer Mom Val said...

Great pics and I LOVE the lilly pads - those are huge and gorgeous flowers! I so admire you with your Red Cross work as well - just wanted to say that! Dee has wise words.