Saturday, February 28, 2009

SNOW !!!

Guess what I woke up to this morning? And I know why! The other night my little grandson Mark and I were talking. He wanted me to listen to him say his prayers. And so he started off by telling God that it wasn't fair that he has to pick up his little brother's toys and ended up by asking God to send some snow so he could sled ride.

Now I'm thinking, Oh, no, not snow!! I've been out trying to get my garden ready to be tilled up. And my sister already has some stuff planted in hers. So, I must get in gear!!

And then, my little beeper on my phone which signals I have a weather alert from the weather channel starts going off last night. Snow is on the way!

And I hear this little Robin chirping outside my kitchen window and I don't have anything to feed it! I don't think it is too happy about this snow.
The backyard of my little "townhouse" as we call it was beautiful this morning.

Guess I'll have to wait a few more days to be able to sit on the porch swing and soak up the sun. After all, I guess it is still winter! And my little grandson has already been out in the snow. After all, he's the one that asked God for it.
Oh, for the faith of a child!

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Rose said...

I love the snow photos. Living in the Gulf Coast area we don't see much of it. Thanks for sharing them.
Enjoyed visiting your blog!