Thursday, December 25, 2008

What a Wonderful Christmas It Was...

What a wonderful family get-together we had! I made enchiladas which has become our traditional dinner for Christmas. And almost all our kids were able to gather with us today and my brother and his family stopped in which made the day even better. Our house truly did become "the gathering place" as the sign outside the door states.
I made two restaurant size pans just in case... Never want to run out of food!

My oldest son Kevin, explained some scientific concept about terminal velocity to his sister Rachel and his daughter Abbey. Everyone needs to have that knowledge to go through life, don't you know!

The state of the economy and no telling what else was discussed and decided upon.

Superman (alias Luke) even dropped in for a visit. We always welcome "super heroes."

This is my brother's wife Sue and her little grandson. In April she will have a new grand-daughter and Treyton will have a new little sister to share all his toys with. Yeah, we're adding to the family tree!

My son-in-law Steve, with three little boys who are excited about being cousins. And someone has Poppy's attention.

My daughter-in-law Jennifer is trying to convince my son Kevin that he might need to have his eyes checked since it has been 16 years! Can you read that over there on the fireplace was the question we all wanted to know?

Don't know what Luke was telling but I couldn't help enjoying the way he threw himself into the telling of it! You go Luke!

We all admired Yevette's boots and Luke showed off his too! Boots are an important accessory on the farm! Although I'll have to admit I was wondering if I would look as good in them as Yevette does?

My niece Jenni taught her little nephew the wonders of building with legos. Aunts teach you all the important things you need to know as you go through life. Remember that , Jenni!

And aren't these two more precious than words? My grand-daughter Katrina is such a sweetheart. Her and my grandson Koda are special buddies!

Treyton and his daddy Justin. Haven't seen these two for a year. We must do a better job of keeping in touch.

It wasn't cold today but we needed a fire just to take the chill off. And a beautiful fire it was, thanks to Tool Belt Jim.

Justin's wife Yevette and their son Treyton loved the little horses. Baby sister will be here in April!

Here's "daddy's little girl." Nothing better than relaxing on the couch in front of the fireplace after a good meal and enjoying good company!

Here's my oldest grandson Caleb, who'll be driving next year and my youngest son Tim, our future law enforcement protection.

And here's my younger brother Doug and the members of the "roundtable" discussion group. He's the one that tells these stories about me as the mean old baby-sitter when he was little. Even told my kids I use to claw him with my fingernails. Ha. Don't believe all that. I couldn't catch him!

And of course what's a family get-together without someone initiating a wrestling match? It has something to do with the male genes is all I can figure out! But everyone seems to enjoy it but the mothers!

This is my grand-daughter Abbey deep in thought about something. I love seeing her excited about the latest fashions which I try to convince her are the same ones I use to get excited about! The lesson here is to save your old clothes because they will come back in style someday!

There were presents exchanged between the little ones...

and Luke's response to his gift card was " and now I'm going shoppin..!"

And this is my grand-daughter Emmy who loves anything that sparkles and glitters (kinda like me) showing off the necklace she got for Christmas.

Everyone should know how to play "poker" properly. So gather round, my son will be the teacher.

And here's how you shuffle the cards. Notice the girls are taking it all in.

But don't worry, they don't play for money! Here Emmy shows off the booty she won!

I had such a delightful day! I am filled with dismay and wonder when I see my family all growing up and listening to them tell of what is happening in their lives. And the best part of all is that they all like one another and enjoy getting together . What more could a mother ask for? Hope your day was just as wonderful as mine.

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Hi, I am so happy you had such a nice Christmas day. Mine was spent quietly at home with my husband Frank. He cooked a nice turkey dinner for the two of us. You have a beautifull family and a lovely home. Dee