Sunday, December 7, 2008

Annual Tea Party

Today was our annual "Little Ladies Tea Party." This is a tradition my daughter-in-law Jennifer and I do every year. Today Jennifer talked to the girls about how our grand-mothers use to wear an apron every day over their clothes and why that was so. Each of the girls was presented with an apron of their own and then they baked cookies.

And I was given an apron that had my three grand-daughters names painted on it too.

I think as these girls grow up and leave home that they will take with them happy memories of their annual tea party and hopefully they will also remember the lessons that were taught.

We learned to make do with what we have to work with. Good life lesson also.
And we learned it's always more fun to "do it with a friend."
And "don't leave your messes for someone else to deal with."
And how about "life can be messy sometimes but hang in there and it will get better."

Jennifer painted everyone's initials on their aprons before they took them home. They can keep them always.
I still have my grandmothers aprons and they bring back happy memories of times spent with her!

Here's my future "Nurse Practioner" grand-daughter.
Now, if we can just get a lawyer in the family!

Do you have a tradition in your family that is being passed on to the next generation? If you don't do it, who will? Why not start one today?

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