Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Some of my favorite things...

Old wool quilts made by hand to keep families warm during hard times! I still go to auctions and buy up old quilts because they are a way of preserving the past. At one time everyone quilted, but not so much anymore.

Praying over the fields and harvests. My grandmother had these pictures. Reminds me that times have been much worse than they are now and depending on God brought our ancestors through.

My favorite old toys! Do you remember the smell old dolls had. I like to go to flea markets and pick up old dolls just to smell that wonderful smell of something old!

Old school desk with old books. The stories were so special. And my doll whose head bobbed reads the day away!

I love to sit in old rocking chairs. And the best ones still have their squeak. I rocked many an hour away sitting on the porch with my grand-parents watching the traffic go by. Does anyone still make the old rugs anymore?

I always found this picture comforting. The dog barking to let someone know he has found the lost and hurting. The airplane belonged to a friend who passed away following a heart attack. We still fight over who is going to get to wear his leather jacket.

Heroes of old. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were the best. And I had such a crush on Gene Autry when I was a little girl. Look at those styles! Real cowboy and cowgirl clothes!

I ordered this frame on Ebay and couldn't bear to take the picture out of it when it arrived. So I hung it up on the wall just like it was. Instant relatives.

I sewed clothes for a bride doll just like this when I was little. I pumped away on a old tredle sewing machine and created fashion after fashion. Other's had Barbies, but my doll was the best. And I was so impressed with her high heel shoes. Something about those little, rubber, high heel shoes ....

Another of my favorite antiques. I love old pictures! The children still had an innocence about them.

This was all that was left of an old book I rescued and I couldn't bear to see it thrown away!

I love old tea cups and I have lots of them!

This is an old autograph book that was autographed in 1909. Don't you love it!! It once was someone's most precious possession and I'm taking care of it for them!

This is my favorite picture of my mother when she was young. She went on to have eight kids. I love old photographs! And I love the old, handmade quilt. I remember my mom's mother sewing away, making quilts to keep us warm in the winter because our house was heated by wood and I remember how cold the bedrooms were! Nothing beat snuggling under one of her quilts!
Thanks for taking a short trip down memory lane with me and sharing some of the things I treasure most...

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lookuptoday said...

Merry Christmas, We would shop good together. Love your treasures. Dee