Sunday, May 11, 2008

Muleskinner Comes For Supper

Tool Belt Man has a brother I'll call "Muleskinner" and he and his wife came over tonight for supper. We got a new grill because the bottom rusted out of our old one. So we cranked up the new one and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.

I keep telling Muleskinner that he needs to start a blog of his own because he has done some very interesting things. He has built his own cabin in the woods, he has some mules with some interesting stories to go with them and he goes every year out to Western Kansas where not even a light shines and camps. I know there are others out there that would love to hear of his escapades. I'll keep working on him about the blog.

While he was at the house tonight, he took the bull horn off the wall and blew it. I told him I got it at a flea market and no telling whose lips have been on it, but no matter. The cutest thing was how my grand-kids responded to the noise. If you've ever heard one of those things blown, you know how very loud they are!!

My dad use to have one of them and blew them to call the dogs when he use to go coon hunting. I'm thinking that was its original purpose.

Is this too cute?

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