Friday, February 1, 2019

The Grandkids have arrived and are going to learn some new skills ...

Three of my grand kids have arrived and are spending the weekend at The Lodge.  You notice they all are heavily into their electronics.... We are just coming out of a deep freeze with wind chills of -7 so tomorrows high of 60 plus degrees will be wonderful.  And so tomorrow they will be learning some new skills.    Ones that won't involve anything electronic.   Well, except for a camera maybe!

 We will be climbing on  the 4- wheelers and hitting the woods to refill our trail feeders and check our wildlife cameras. 

And we need to mark the trails better cause I myself was pretty confused on where I was even at while doing a trial run today.  Unfortunately the trails haven't been used much lately and  are beginning to get overgrown in places. 

Hopefully,   an expert woodsman will show up tomorrow to download  some of his knowledge into these young minds.  These kids are big into downloading so they will understand that terminology...  Ha Ha Ha  Little joke there!
 Koda and Mark will be our designated wood gatherers.

 Once evening is upon us we can make a fire in the fire pit and hopefully listen to the sound of the coyotes howling in the distance.

   While checking the cameras along the trail last week we noticed lots of rotten limbs that were needing cleared off our trails and will be the perfect size to burn in  that  fire pit. 

I notice the boys  loaded their BB guns up and put them in the Honda which tells me they plan on being hunters as well as gatherers.....    or more likely they plan on doing some target practice down at the range.   Another good skill to know ...
Miss Maddy will be working on her cooking skills and making us up some chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls tomorrow .

  She's asked me to teach her to sew  but we will save that skill for another day.   She is the mother of many babies who apparently are in need of clothes.

And because we are not gender prejudiced here on the homestead she too will learn the skills needed in the woods.

 My thinking is we need to  teach these kids about the joys of spending time in the great outdoors so they will want to pitch those electronic devices and get some fresh air. 

I see camp outs in their future too!  And someone mentioned building a lean to structure...  Won't this be fun!  . 

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