Thursday, February 7, 2019

Ice Storm of 2019

Missouri has it's share of strange weather but this past week has topped them all.   We had rain with severe thunderstorm warnings and thunder and lightening and went directly from that into an ice storm.   I had guests at The Lodge so spent the weekend next door in The Cabin in case there were problems.  Which there were.   We lost electricity with 18 degree temperatures and unfortunately the house is all electric.   Thankfully,  I had plenty of flashlights and lanterns and even though the electricity was out for about 8 hours the house did not get overly cold.   Ice storms are a pain but I will have to admit there is a beautiful side to them too.  Enjoy my pictures as we start 2019 off with an ice storm!

The ice on the trees was beautiful.  

When you run a retreat center it is important to be prepared for anything. Knowing there was a possibility we could lose power we brought up extra wood for the fireplace.  Even though the blowers wouldn't work without electricity we could open the doors and have some heat...

Thankfully I had stored up 5 bags of ice melt and it was a good thing cause the porch totally iced over.

My guests enjoyed the fireplace even though the ice storm probably messed up their plans.  Tonight will be another cold night with lows about 7 degrees.    Hopefully,  we won't lose electricity again and tomorrow life will begin to get back to normal.    Whatever normal is for this part of the country.   Spring please hurry and come to my world!  I miss you so!

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