Sunday, August 20, 2017

Alaska Adventure Day 8

Day 8: Didn't do much today. I spent part of the day driving around Anchorage. Bought a boat, a pretty nice boat I might add.

Earthquakes are pretty frequent here. I could feel the floor rumble yesterday morning.

I am taking a float plane to Twin Lakes tomorrow- the highlight of my trip. This is where I am going:

This is a water fall just outside the city limits. I caught another Salmon by hand. You could fill a truck doing this. They are considered junk fish here. Kind of like Carp at home. Dog food.

Pics of Salmon berry and blueberry. They are very sour. No blueberry flavor.

I am bringing glacier water home. The pipe comes out of the side of the mountain.

Fresh snow on the mountains signals the end of summer. It’s called "termination dust". Once you see it, 30 days till winter.

Pic of the cruise ship. There was a couple from Nevada on it.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Alaska Adventure Day 7

I spent most of the day in Anchorage. I went to the Alaska Aviation Musem. They have some nice old planes. 

Also got some pics of the tunnel entrance. 

Also a pic of the condo tower. I can't wait to get out of this condo. It smells like the fish processing plant next door.

There was a fly on my screen. Where did he come from? It's 50 degrees outside. 

Lake Hood is the largest sea plane base in the world. It is at the international airport in Anchorage. There are over 1000 float planes based there. 

I am ready to go to my next place and have a change of scenery..

Friday, August 18, 2017

Alaska Adventure Day 6

Day 6: Drove to Seward today. It started out sunny and then was rainy by the time I got there. Not good picture weather.

I came back and Joe Fish gave me the grand tour of Whittier. I have a video of me catching a Salmon by hand. It may have to wait till I get home since I don't know how to send one. 

The water falls behind the condos are on a VERY steep mountain side. They ride snow machines up it in the winter. I have attached a video link that shows a guy who lives here going up it. Notice the front skis are in the air most of the time.

I have to buy another phone today as mine quit yesterday. So I have been without a phone most of the trip. Not that bad. I haven't turned on the tv yet. Too tired by the end of the day. Now if I can just get this pic thing figured out. 

Oh yeah, Walmart has a bush pilot program. You get your order to them by Sat. phone or however and a bush pilot comes by and picks it up and delivers it to you. Walmart is every where. They have a huge gun section here. They sell handguns also. 

Here is some pics of outgoing freight. I tried to get them to change the delivery address on the dozer to my place. Those are some really big forklifts. 

These berries grow everywhere. They are sour like a gooseberry. 

The mud flats are low tide on the way to Anchorage. There is a difference of about 33 feet between low tide and high tide. 

I got a few pics the tunnel that I will send tomorrow. I have a video of that also.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Alaska Adventure Day 5

Day 5: Woke up early, well normal for me. I was ready to go at 4:30 am. Well, it was 3:30 there. Forgot to set my clock back.

I left Whitehorse and the temperature was 27 degrees outside of town. I rolled my window down, felt good. I don't like hot weather. There was fresh snow on the mountains. I can't believe I am saying this in August! It’s funny to see wood smoke from chimneys of houses this time of year.

I had filled up in Whitehorse and went through Haines Jct. Everything was closed. Thought there would be plenty of chances to get gas. Wrong! It was a LONG way to the border. I really thought I was going to run out of gas. I slowed to 55 to stretch what gas I had left. Every place on the map that indicated a town was nothing more than old resorts closed long ago. Most were falling in. There was a gas station open at Beaver Creek just 19 miles before the border. $4.00 per gal. Well, do I fill up here or wait till I get to Alaska and fill up. I opted for the former. Glad I did because all the places listed on the map on the Alaska side were closed as well. No gas until I got to Tok.

Edger the raven sat on my hood while I went through customs.

Saw a Grizzly in the ditch just before the border. I don't know why I didn't take a video. I am doing that next time.

The drive from Tok to Glenallen was a roller coaster. The road was wavy from frost heaves. The freezing and thawing makes the roads buckle. It can be dangerous if you go to fast. The flagger said it happens each winter and they have to fix the road all over.

From Glenallen to Anchorage was one of the prettiest drives I have ever been on. The mountains are spectacular. Anchorage was like all big towns. Lots of traffic. Got through town and made it to Whittier about 6pm. I will get some pics of the tunnel. It is 1 1/4 mile long and was built by the Army in WWII. It’s one way traffic going out on the hour and in on the half hour.

The epicenter of the 1964 earth quake was just a few miles east of here. 9.2. -the largest one recorded in North America. Portage, Alaska, just a few miles from here sank 9 feet into the bay. It was rebuilt up the hill. They also have Bore tides here and guys surf it.

The Salmon are running and I took some pics. There is so much to see I don't know what pics to post.

I am on the 14th floor of the Begich towers in Whittier. I will be here for 4 days while I explore the area. There is a waterfall outside. I am listening to it now. I opened the windows and slept to the sound of it last night. I will get pics of it.  

Map quest said it was 3600 miles to here, but it turned out to be 3,977 miles. I am going to check on the Marine Highway and see what it costs to take it home. If I don't take it I will go down the west route back. It comes out in Seattle. It’s a little longer but the scenery is great I am told. It may still have unpaved roads also.

Day 5

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Alaska Adventure Day 4

Day 4
Woke up at 3:30. Ready to leave at 4:30.  Low tire light is on. Great. I find a station that has a pump but it’s out of order. Finally find a working one. 1.00 CAD for air. My coffee maker wouldn't work so I bought a cup 1.75 CAD.

Left town and had the road to myself. I am surprised and how good the road is and how little traffic there is. The most traffic is from the oilfield work. Once I got past Ft. Nelson I would go 10-15 miles and never see a car. 840 miles today and only had to pass 2 campers the entire trip. 

I saw a Caribou, mountain goat, 3 White tail deer and lots of Bison. None of the wild life had any fear of cars. I am guessing their life will be shortened because of that.

Today was lots of beautiful scenery. I enjoyed today’s drive most of all. I made it to the Yukon Territories. I always wanted to go the Yukon. Just the name conjures up things like Whitehorse and Dawson City, gold claims, saloons, Jack London, White Fang, raging blizzards, dog sleds, Caribou, Moose , Wolf packs, Grizzly bear.  It’s the Yukon for God’s sake! What self-respecting man would not want to be here? 

Finally got a dive of a room in White horse for`150 bucks. It was 9 pm before I got one. The A/C is sitting on the floor.

Next trip will be with a camper. I missed a lot of stuff because of the time and motel constraints. A lot of towns marked on the map are nothing more than an old closed gas station.  There was no radio reception for about 300 miles. I had it on search and forgot about it. I got in range of a station and the radio suddenly came on and scared the crap out of me. 

Picked up some White Horse beer. 14.00 CAD for a 6 pack. I’m going to have it bronzed, too costly to drink. It’s 10 pm and the sun is still shining. I am going to bed anyway. We will see what tomorrow  brings.

Day 4

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Alaska Adventure Day 3

Day 3:  Only 540 miles today. Woke up at 4 am in Calgary and went out to the car. The pass card wouldn't work on the front door to let me back in. I beat on the door and finally got the desk guy to open it. He said the card reader only works on the North door. I asked how I was supposed to know that. He looked irritated.  I was ready to leave and ask if the free breakfast was ready. It was because I saw him finishing up- just bagels and sweet rolls. I asked if I could get some and said no, they didn't serve till 6. I said whatever. He locked the door. Same rules for everyone, he says.

Walmart opens at 7, so off I go and find a McDonalds down the road. I got a breakfast bagel. The guy took my order. I was the only one in there. My number was 225. I watched as he put it in the bag and called out 225. I said, I'm the only one in here. It’s the rule he replies. Oh yeah, the rules. 

I finally had a change of terrain, more (lots more) trees but still no mountains. That got to be just as boring as the fields. I stopped at White Court. Nice little town. Changed some US dollars for Canadian dollars. 400 US got me 493.10 CAD. I am fat-catting it. Stopped at the super center and asked for the beer section. Honest to God, they had 3 12 packs of Molsen. That was all! At a super center? Still no breakfast bowls with meat and potatoes. 150 different kinds of waffles though.

I got a nice room in Ft St. John. It was 131.10 CAD- about 100 bucks US. The oil fields are booming here and it’s hard to get a room. I should be away from all that tomorrow. It’s still 22 hours to the Alaska border. I may take the ferry to Seattle on the way back. Once in a lifetime trip.

Dawson Creek is not some quaint little frontier town. That sucker is booming! Looks like Joplin. I did get my pic in front of the mile one marker of the Alaska Hwy. It’s 2300 miles to the start of the Alaska Hwy. It’s all 4 lane except about the last 40 miles. Not what I pictured. 

I wanted to try some Canadian beer so I stopped at a store. I asked where the beer was and she pointed to a large room stacked full of beer. I said the cold beer. She said that is the cold beer. They cooled the whole room. I bought Cariboo beer. Pretty Canadian if you ask me, Eh!

Day 3