Thursday, August 24, 2017

Alaska Days 12 and 13

I couldn't get a room last night till midnight. Drove 1000 miles. It was a bed in a old military barracks. Twin bed communal bathrooms, and for that I paid $83.00! 

No rain and no wind. 50 Degrees! I am driving with my window down.

I am in Dawson creek tonight. I will be at the border about noon tomorrow. Rooms and gas will be half price. I paid over $4.00 a gal today out in the boonies.

Saw this old cabin on the way home stopped for a pic. Stepped in side and got the crap scared out of me. That was a good one.

A pic of Danali. Not sure how well it turned out. It was cloud covered shortly after. 

A Fox with lunch. 

Breakfast and coffee on the side of the road. 

This is where I paid so much for gas. It is listed as a town on the map.

How cold do you think it was the way this woman is dressed. 

A traditional Alaskan cabin. I want to build one of these.  

I have more pics of wildlife- a Moose, a black bear and family of sheep and Caribou but I don't know where the computer sent them. There was a big bull moose killed in the ditch with a huge rack.I wanted to stop and cut the horns off but the traffic was horrible.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Alaska Adventure Day 11

I lost a wheel cover yesterday going up Hatcher pass. The mine was closed then so I went back today to go through the mine. I found my wheel cover. 

Rachel said to get some more pics with me in them so I did. 

Went to visit a guy who has a sawmill like mine. We went on UTV ride through his property.

Picked some high bush cranberries, boy were they sour. 

He also shot a Spruce Grouse. 

Finally saw a moose with her calf. That is the only wild life I have seen in Alaska.  

I will head home tomorrow as I never heard from the pilot about the flight to twin lakes. Next time. 

I will take another route through Canada this time. Its called the Cassiar Hwy. I still have to go all the way to Watson Lake to catch it. I will try not to stay in White Horse this time.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Alaska Adventure Day 10

Drove over Hatcher Pass today. That is a good name for a pass. What a view. You can see Cook Inlet from the top. 

There are a few working gold mines up there. 

I'm doing laundry this afternoon. Getting rested up for the trip back.

Alaska Adventure Day 9

No from pics today. All I did was drive in the rain. The flight to Twin Lakes was cancelled because of the weather. I may try to get it rescheduled for later in the week.

Some more pics from my tour with Joe that I hadn't added yet.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Alaska Adventure Day 8

Day 8: Didn't do much today. I spent part of the day driving around Anchorage. Bought a boat, a pretty nice boat I might add.

Earthquakes are pretty frequent here. I could feel the floor rumble yesterday morning.

I am taking a float plane to Twin Lakes tomorrow- the highlight of my trip. This is where I am going:

This is a water fall just outside the city limits. I caught another Salmon by hand. You could fill a truck doing this. They are considered junk fish here. Kind of like Carp at home. Dog food.

Pics of Salmon berry and blueberry. They are very sour. No blueberry flavor.

I am bringing glacier water home. The pipe comes out of the side of the mountain.

Fresh snow on the mountains signals the end of summer. It’s called "termination dust". Once you see it, 30 days till winter.

Pic of the cruise ship. There was a couple from Nevada on it.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Alaska Adventure Day 7

I spent most of the day in Anchorage. I went to the Alaska Aviation Musem. They have some nice old planes. 

Also got some pics of the tunnel entrance. 

Also a pic of the condo tower. I can't wait to get out of this condo. It smells like the fish processing plant next door.

There was a fly on my screen. Where did he come from? It's 50 degrees outside. 

Lake Hood is the largest sea plane base in the world. It is at the international airport in Anchorage. There are over 1000 float planes based there. 

I am ready to go to my next place and have a change of scenery..

Friday, August 18, 2017

Alaska Adventure Day 6

Day 6: Drove to Seward today. It started out sunny and then was rainy by the time I got there. Not good picture weather.

I came back and Joe Fish gave me the grand tour of Whittier.

I have a video of me catching a Salmon by hand. It may have to wait till I get home since I don't know how to send one. 

The water falls behind the condos are on a VERY steep mountain side. They ride snow machines up it in the winter. I have attached a video link that shows a guy who lives here going up it. Notice the front skis are in the air most of the time.

I have to buy another phone today as mine quit yesterday. So I have been without a phone most of the trip. Not that bad. I haven't turned on the tv yet. Too tired by the end of the day. Now if I can just get this pic thing figured out. 

Oh yeah, Walmart has a bush pilot program. You get your order to them by Sat. phone or however and a bush pilot comes by and picks it up and delivers it to you. Walmart is every where. They have a huge gun section here. They sell handguns also. 

Here is some pics of outgoing freight. I tried to get them to change the delivery address on the dozer to my place. Those are some really big forklifts. 

Some pictures with a Snow Blower

These berries grow everywhere. They are sour like a gooseberry. 

The mud flats are low tide on the way to Anchorage. There is a difference of about 33 feet between low tide and high tide. 

I got a few pics the tunnel that I will send tomorrow. I have a video of that also.