Saturday, July 13, 2013

Life is busy down on the homestead...

       Summer is moving right along and life has been busy on the homestead.  Our weather has been hot with not much rain and the grass is so dry it crackles when you walk on it.  Doesn't look like it will be a good year for crops if rain doesn't come soon.

       The baby chicks I started the Spring out with are looking almost full grown.  I have 10 of them and 3 layers I originally bought so in a few months I should be getting lots of eggs.  Nothing tastes better than eggs from free range chickens.

    I picked up a wildlife feeder so I can feed the turkeys and deer here on the homestead.  I don't see many turkeys anymore and I miss that.  Now rabbits on the other hand are everywhere.  And I still have lots of squirrels.  One got caught hanging upside down in my bird feeder a week or so ago and had to tear the feeder apart to get it out.  His tail looks quite a bit different now also.  Don't think that squirrel will be trying to rob the bird feeders anytime soon.

     Making time for family and friends this summer also.  Two of my grandson's have been enjoying the homestead and spending time visiting their Nana now that school is out.   We put up some old fashioned tire swings and they are learning to fish by themselves.  Makes me a bit nervous to see them take off to go to the pond by themselves but their momma says they are big enough so I'll just keep peeking around the corner to make sure they are safe.  Speaking of the pond, I have been doing some brush cleaning around it and hopefully by next year I'll have done everything I want to do around it.  Water level is also getting very low due to the drought.

     The Bed and Breakfast has been staying busy and I'm enjoying meeting new friends.  It's a little bit off the beaten path but no one has complained of having to drive down a dirt road to get here yet.  I enjoy watching my guests sit on a stump and stare off into the pond while they wait on a good old-fashioned country breakfast to be served.  Country air is just plain good for whatever ails you.  That's my thinking anyways!

     Hope you too are enjoying this time of year.   Take some time out of your busy lives to slow down and enjoy your families,  spend time with some friends,  make some new friends and enjoy the Season we are in.  Kids will be heading back off to school soon so do something special with them.  Make everyday a special day!

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