Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th Of July BBQ time!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Never one to waste a good time for family to get together and since the 4th Of July was in the middle of the week this year my sisters and I decided to call the family together for a celebration the Saturday after the holiday. 
And since it has been 100 degrees all week we figured the best way to keep from heating up the house would be to cook outside.  So we took the turkey and put it in the big roaster pan, seasoned it with everything we could throw in there and took it outside and sat it on the patio table.  Every little bit I would stick my nose out the door and take a whiff of that wonderful aroma.  Bet it drove the local wildlife crazy!
 One of my sisters donated Pork Steak to the occasion and we thought that sounded like just the thing to put on the grill. 
 Not only are we sisters but we are all good cooks...
 And a storm came in and although we got a nice breeze out of it with no rain, it did cool the temp down to where it made sitting on the patio bearable.
  Family get- togethers are a great time to catch up on everyones h 5e22 appenings and see new babies and let the little ones play with the old Tonka trucks in the sandy dirt. 
 My nephew was given an apron and helped man the grill.  All we had to do was keep him in Coke's..
 The food was great,  talk was cheap and fun was had by all. 

 Oh yeah,  the new tire swings were a great hit also!  Made for a real old-fashioned 4th of July party!  Love getting together with my family!  Hope you did too....

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