Sunday, March 13, 2011

Class of 69 reunion

Tool Belt Jim graduated from a small school and because one of his classmates is back in town from Alaska it seemed a fitting time to get everyone together. Here's some pictures from the great Class of 69's school reunion!

Stories were once again retold of good times experienced during their days of being a student. I remember hearing something about yellow dresses alike..... and class trips ....and teachers...and....
And everyone loved going through old yearbooks ... notice daughter Rachel is here. She wasn't about to miss out on hearing any good stories from her dad's school days! Oh yes, I took advantage of my scanner to get some good pictures of Tool Belt Jim in his younger days!

Nothing like sitting around the table with friends whom you once shared a lot in common.

And we found it usually took several of us to figure out these complicated cameras!

And here's our own Mule Skinner with classmate Julie who is here from Alaska...

and you notice Julie didn't come alone! She brought her own little friend with her. Kaden was there for a little while and he was intrigued with this little fella too!

Everyone seemed to enjoy this little reunion. It's been way too long and there was lots of catching up to do.

Old friends of mine from way back were also there. Charlotte is also part of this graduating class!

Tool Belt Jim had a good time also. I enjoyed just watching the smiles on faces as each person came through the door.

More camera problems. They have all these settings with things like timers and delays and complicated stuff. That's why it is always good to have someone like daughter Rachel around to help us get back on track.

It was a beautiful night to enjoy the deck. And Tool Belt Jim even gave a tour of my chickens! Bet I'm the only one that has such cool chickens and don't forget peacocks!

And here's Mule Skinner checking to see who is out on the deck! Caught him huh?

I had the most enjoyable time listening and watching these girls laugh together. Makes me wish my graduating class wasn't so large. We barely knew one another and these classmates were like brothers and sisters. How fun!

And of course the men talked about ....well....who stuff!

Laughter was the sound heard most often all evening actually!
Everyone wanted to see pictures of kids and grand kids. How fast time flies! We forgot to see who had the most kids and grand kids but I bet Tool Belt Jim might have the most grand kids with a total of 14...

We know Julie came the furthest from Alaska. Another couple came from Oklahoma. But many live in our local area. My guess is there will be many more down the road! It was great fun!

Girl talk!

And Mule Skinner carried on the tradition we have at our house of blowing the horn any time we have a gathering at the homestead! And that thing is loud!! Just ask his wife Lola! I am so glad I got to be a part of this gathering of friends who grew up together, went to a small rural school together and graduated together. May they always stay close friends and may there be many more reunions to celebrate!