Thursday, August 19, 2010

Struck by lightning?

While mowing my yard yesterday I noticed something major has happened to one of my favorite trees. Tool Belt Jim says he heard a loud noise during the storm the other night and is guessing lightning has struck the tree. Now the question is how damaged is it? Does the branch need cut off? I loved this tree cause my kids have all had their pics taken standing in the center. It branched out in 4 different directions and my guess is it is a very old tree.

The bark has been ripped off from the very top to the very bottom...

Shards or pieces of bark were scattered not only around the tree but for quite a distance away.

There is a squirrel nest in the top of the tree right about where the lightning stuck. Bet that was quite a jolt for him!
Guess we'll wait and see if the tree starts dying....

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