Friday, August 20, 2010

Rose Moss and tractor tires....

As a little girl I can remember going to my beloved grandparents house. There was so many exciting things to do there and it was a place I loved to be. I can remember going at a very early age when everyone told my mom I was too young to stay by myself. But I remember staying and wishing I could even stay longer. On one of my trips there was a new baby sister being born while I was gone. On the way home we passed a place that sold ice cream and I gladly traded my new baby sister to my grandfather for an ice cream cone. Sorry Carol! I drive by that little place every now and then and still smile at the thought of that! But the flowers my grandmother planted intrigued my little heart the most. My grandmother must have had a very green thumb or else put a lot of time and effort into seeing that those flowers were so beautiful. She grew Hollyhocks, and Sweet Williams and Dahlias but the flowers I remember the most was her tractor tires planted with Rose Moss. I think there were three of these tractor tires planted out next to the drive and the highway and I remember them being painted red and white. I'll have to ask someone else about that in case I am mistaken, but that is how I remember them. And I would sit along the edge of the tire feeling the warmth of the sun on the rubber, picking the tiny seeds and placing them in a pill bottle to be brought home and planted so I could have the same delightful little flowers. There were yellows and pinks and reds and whites and I loved them all!

This year I built a circular flower bed with a solar fountain in the center--which rarely worked-and planted the delightful Rose Moss in it. It has bloomed prolifically all summer and brings a smile to my face when I pass by it. Just as it did 50 plus years ago when I was so little.

I may be waxing nostalgic but Aah, the simple things in life are still the best!

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