Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Night Shift Crew...

I would like to encourage anyone who has a heart to help the hurting in times of disaster to join your local Red Cross. I have recently helped assist in a shelter set up for evacuees from Louisiana with Hurricane Gustav and I am so glad I was asked to have a part!

Now, Urgent pleas have went out for Red Cross volunteers to assist in sheltering evacuees from the devastation caused by Hurricane Ike. Whether you can give three weeks or only a few hours, volunteering with the Red Cross is rewarding and you'll never be the same!

Fortunately, we did not need all the cots we set up but we were prepared and ready!

We were the "night crew" and I loved meeting new friends who think like I do and enjoyed helping those in need who may have lost it all. We welcomed evacuees with a hug, a blanket, a cot, a hot meal and a smiling face. One lady whose husband had to be admitted to the hospital and had two young boys to take care of in a town full of strangers said "if you can't trust the Red Cross, who can you trust" and we believe that really does say it all!

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